Koala Advice

Koala Advice

get out of this tree

you can’t have this tree

this is my tree

and that tree over there

that’s my tree too

and four trees down there

until you come to the wire fence

they’re also my trees

that big old tree

with all the possums in it

that’s my tree as well

and especially this prime of its life tree

with the sweetest leaves

you’ve ever had in your whole . . .

you can’t come anywhere near this one

I’ve told you before

and I’m telling you again tonight

yes I know I let you

in that clump of young blue gums

once before but I was being kind to you

now get out of this tree

get out now and don’t come back

if you’re really hungry

you can have those two old scruffy

tasteless sorts of trees

the other side of the fence

but you can’t have any

of the other trees I’ve mentioned

now go

go on get out go

get out of my tree






what if Chidley had known the truth

there he is

a hunched over lonely fellow

trying to sell not a pamphlet

but something much smaller

perhaps a card cover

and inside four or maybe eight pages

you open it to a brief explanation

some bio notes and then you open it further

centre page spread

classic simplicity of font

a 4 on the left side – a 2 on the right

and that’s it

no vegetable diet no weird sex


and think about Arthur Stace

42 in copperplate wouldn’t look

half so pretty as the looping

DNA daisy chains of infinity

and it is so miniscule

though architecturally

and aesthetically attractive

the robust 4 with its angular

welded support beam

contrasting with the fluid

snaky quality of the 2

but such a little number

far too easy to understand

and hardly worth the cost of the chalk


perhaps better for both

that they lived in a time

before we knew the truth

and they died – well – wrong

and maybe not happy

but at least assured and certain


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